Document Management is an information technology that has evolved over the past two decades from a basic "electronic filing cabinet" which stored scanned documents and images in electronic form on a server that could capture, index, and retrieve for future use.

Document management is a way to easily manage your paper files electronically and create more office space as well as saving time instead of spending precious minutes trying to find that paper document. Paper documents are scanned in and made into an image file (such as .tif) and filed electronically onto a computer storage hardware. You can easily retrieve, annotate, index and archive these files.

Either through scanning in paper documents using a high-speed scanner or through sending the document electronically via software application, email, or fax.

By entering the index data or by doing a query based upon how you have the items indexed.

Yes, you can send these documents via email, fax, print them out, or even share documents via internet/intranet access.

OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is a technology where typed or printed documents can be scanned as an electronic image. The characters can be recognized from the image and translated into a text format such as ASCII. This can be done with documents where you may only have the printed or paper copy but do not have an electronic copy.

When a document management system is initially implemented, there is usually a lot of existing documents and information. The scanning of these old documents or converting of data from one format to a format accepted by the new document management system so they can be stored and retrieved electronically is called backfile conversion.